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美都餐室最後時光 Farewell to 72-year-old Hong Kong Restaurant Mido Cafe

This is a 72-year-old cha chaan tang restaurant Mido Cafe in Hong Kong, but recently they made an announcement saying farewell to everyone. We visited Mido Cafe 10 days before their closure. Here it is how it looked in its final days.

I have been to Mido Cafe multiple times over the years. The amazing part of it is Mido never change any settings. The only thing they change is the price of their food. It is more expensive than many other cha chaan tang, that’s why Mido Cafe is not very popular among the locals. Well, it is the character of Mido and that’s the reason this place is never packed with people.

I couldn’t believe this would be my last time visiting Mido Cafe. Hong Kong has lost so many old restaurants in recent years such as Hoi On Cafe, Jumbo Floating Restaurant. I hope everyone can visit old shops or old restaurants once in a while, enjoy the atmosphere, take some photos, old shops like Mido are always instagrammable, go show them support, Don’t do it until it is too late. Anyway, it was a wonderful dining experience for me. Thank you very much, Mido Cafe. I will miss you.