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2022全新香港山頂纜車搶先看!First-hand preview of new generation Peak Tram in Hong Kong!

After a year, Hong Kong Peak Tram reopened with a completely new design. The experience is also renewed with surprises!

The first Peak Tram commenced service on 30 May 1888 and has undergone various phases of modernisation from coal-fired steam boilers in its earliest days to today's super-efficient electronic control system.

It has successfully transformed from an essential mode of transport into one of Hong Kong's most-visited attractions.

Besides riding the Peak Tram, there are different zones with new experiences in their rennovated lower terminus which are worth to check them out!

1st Generation Peak Tram Replica

Located at the Central Terminus indoor air-conditioned queueing area, visitors will be able to explore a genuine hop on the 1st Generation Peak Tram, to take photographs and get a feel for that earlier age and connection to the past. The real-life exhibit enables guests of all ages to easily imagine what a ride on the first-ever early generation tramcar was truly like. The experience comes to life through its material-accurate form and scale representation, showcasing the original bench design, outer dimensions and "presence" of the Tram, accurate livery, and illuminated passenger standing areas and internal compartments. Take a journey into the past, right back to 1888 .

Immersive Wall

Immersed in A hyperreal immersive environment created for you to experience Nature, the biodiversity of plants and animals found at The Peak. The verdant landscape depicted on the video walls is alive with the motion of wild animals, including gathering butterflies, wild boar, birds, insects, and constant movement in the tree branches overhead. The presentation cycles through a day-long time transition too, from the steely fresh grey of early morning to the shimmering golds of late afternoon and the calming onset of dusky evening peace just before twilight descends on The Peak. At night, the fireflies come out to dance.

Don't forget to check out our first-hand preview vlog!


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