A Cha Chaan Tang Restaurant Full of Instagram Spots

In recent years, one of the food trend in Hong Kong is instagrammable “Cha Chaan Tang”, where has retro Hong Kong style of interior. This one in Causeway Bay is a really good one.

When you enter the shop it already gives you a 50s-70s style of Hong Kong cha chaan tang like this.

This restaurant uses many images of Hong Kong stars last century such as the cassette (well, do you know what cassette is...?) and entertainment magazines back in the days.

The most eye-catching is probably this seat which mimics Hong Kong iconic red minibus.

Not only the place, the food is very instagrammable also. There are "handsome man" set and "sexy lady" which are borscht spaghetti and cream soup with macaroni. You will love it.

Even though the theme of the restaurant is "vintage", their food is vintage but creative. For example, this pineapple & ham pancake, of course it is a savoury, but mixing ham, fried egg and sweet pineapple with tomato sauce. It may sound weird but surprisingly the tastes blend together and it is great! Definitely worth the try.