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Bubble Milk Tea Bun!?

Bubble Milk Tea is so popular in recent years that some restaurants in Japan would use the tapioca pearls to make dishes like cold noodles, pizza, ramen etc. Recently there is a brand in Hong Kong which has released Bubble Milk Tea Bun, and it is good~

The brand has released two types of buns, Bubble milk tea bun and milk tea bun. Basically the difference is with or without the tapioca pearls, so HONGKONGUIDE would suggest readers to try the bubble milk tea version because they taste almost the same.

The bun is a steamed bun with milk tea lava and pearls inside. On top there is a print of a cup of hot bubble tea which adds some cuteness to the bun. The pearls are soft and the lava is not too sweet which is good.

The brand “Tong Kee Bao Dim” is a chain shop in Hong Kong which there are stores everywhere in Hong Kong such as in some of the MTR stations. Google the name and there should be a shop near your area.


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