Chinese Goddess' Epic Birthday Party in Tsing Yi

Tin Hau is a famous and popular goddess which is believed to protect fisherman. There are over 70 temples in Hong Kong. Her birthday falls on the 23rd day of the third month in Chinese calendar. During that period there will be celebrations in different places of Hong Kong. One of the big one is in Tsing Yi.

The statue of Tin Hau from Tsing Yi Tin Hau Temple and other god statues from different temples in Tsing Yi will be sent to a temporary God Shed & Chinese opera theatre. There will be around 70 stalls around selling food and other stuff. This is a popular yearly event in Tsing Yi which draws people all over Hong Kong and it will be so crowded during night time!

Date: 5th-9th May, 2019

Address: 38 Tsing Luk St, Tsing Yi

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