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Fans of HK Star Anson Lo Sponsors Free Star Ferry Ride & More To Celebrate Their Idol’s Birthday

Member of popular Hong Kong boy group MIRROR, Anson Lo will become 27 on 7 July, and his fans has come up different ways to celebrate their idol’s birthday and benefit people in Hong Kong.

Fans of Anson, called “Sonto”, will launch an “Anson Lo & Sontos Giving Day” by sponsoring the followings:

  1. Free Star Ferry Ride Day between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui on 7/7.

  2. Free Kowloon Bus ride for elderly over 65 years old on 7/7 (except K12, K14, K17, K18, P960 & P968). Elderly passengers will need to pay the bus fare first with valid elderly octopus cards and redeem via octopus app between 18/7 and 14/8.

  3. Free admission to Obervation Wheel in Central on 7/7.