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FASHIONALLY x Yam Chan Doll Exhibition

FASHIONALLY will collaborate with fashion designer-turned-doll maker Yam Chan to organize the first art exhibition – MICH‧ALLY – at Hong Kong Fashion Week this January, which will be showcasing Chan’s MICH doll.

Chan is an award-winning costume designer and doll maker from Hong Kong. Two and half years ago he started making dolls when he moved to Taipei, then he began to get drawn to scary dolls, which he found to be a way to express his innermost feelings. Chan thought it was just his way to say that "when we’re grown up, we become shackled and are often afraid to speak our minds."

It took him six months to complete the design of MICH, having experimented with different body parts. The designer is currently developing another character that he envisages to be even more extreme and mask-like, and plans to explore ball-jointed techniques to make monster-like dolls.

For this collaboration with FASHIONALLY, Chan will showcase his creative process during MICH’s creation, featuring the dolls, his tools and illustrations. MICH, meaning myself in German, is an embodiment of the designer. Chan will also style a life-size version of his MICH doll, which will wear the latest FW19 designs of FASHIONALLY designers.

Visit the MICH‧ALLY Exhibition at Hong Kong Fashion Week from 16-17 January at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.



1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai

MICH‧ALLY Exhibition Opening Yam Chan will have sharing session about the creation of MICH. DATE: 16 JANUARY, 2019 (WED) TIME: 14:00


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