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First Class Tram Trailer in Hong Kong

We talked about the First Class in MTR railway and how to enjoy the best view from double deckers. This article is about the first class of Hong Kong Tramways.

Peak tram started the service in 1888. The tram on Hong Kong Island began operation in 1904. There was First Class during the early days.

During 1960s, in order to cope with the massive influx of immigrants which led to a rapid increase in demand, 10 single deck trailers were introduced. The trailers were placed at the back of double deck tramcars to serve the first-class passengers. These trailers could carry 36 passengers.

However, the trailer slowed down the tram speed and produced greater noise. Thus passengers paid for the first-class fare felt that they did not receive first-class service. Thus the trailer were fully withdrawn in 1982.

There is no more first-class tram in Hong Kong anymore but passengers can still enjoy great views from it especially in the upper deck and front seats just like the double deck buses.

Source: “Hong Kong Tramway Across the City, Across the Century”


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