Free entry to the hidden spot of "The Pawn" 和昌大押神秘天台!

Woo Cheong Pawn Shop is a building in Wan Chai completed around in year 1888, over 130 years ago. It is a four bays of balcony type tenement house with shops on the ground floor whereas upper levels were for residential purpose. one of the earliest owners of the building is Woo Cheong Pawn Shop. That’s why even after it was restored in 2007 and has become a place of fancy restaurants and bar, people still call it "The Pawn Shop". The rooftop is a hidden place that not many people know about. It is very awesome and most importantly, it is free to access.

The only way to access the rooftop is by lift. The entrance of the lift is at the back of the building.

Take the lift and go to the third floor. It is called "Farm" because when it was restored years ago it was like a rooftop garden. Since not a lot of people know about this place so it is rare to see someone here.

This building is a mixture of Chinese and Western architectural features so you can see the windows are in French style. Of course the balcony is the best place to check out.