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Villain Hitting, Chinese Magic in Hong Kong

Are you feeling unlucky lately or someone in your life is making you unhappy? You can consider visiting he famous villain hitter in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

They would help you curse the person you hate. Can you guess what are the popular targets? Many locals would ask to curse their colleagues or their husbands‘ mistresses or love rivals. Makes sense right?

Villain hitting is a traditional sorcery in Guangdong area around Hong Kong, usually performed by old ladies. It has been preliminarily included in the list of "intangible cultural heritage" by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau, and was selected as "Best Way to Get It Off Your Chest" in TIME magazine's 2009 "Best of Asia" feature.

Villain hitting performed by the old lady is believed to curse the “villain” and make the villain stay away from the client. At the same time good luck and good people would be drawn to help the client, very “Ying and Yang” way of thinking.

The ceremony involves the following steps:

Sacrifice to divinities: Worship of deities by Incense and Candle.

Our founder, Alpha Cheng, tried Villain Hitting by representing Ironman to curse Thanos, the villain in multiple Marvel movies

Report: Writing down the name and the date of birth of the client on the Fulu. If the client requests to hit a specific villain, then write down or put the name, date of birth, photo or clothings of the specific villain on the villain paper.

Alpha wrote down the name of the villain, Thanos, an obvious choice

Villain hitting: Make use of a varieties of symbolic object such as the shoe of clients or the villain hitter or other religious symbolic weapons like incense sticks to hit or hurt the villain paper. Villain paper can also be replaced by other derivatives such as man paper, woman paper, five ghost paper etc.

Reconciliation and pray for blessings: Use a red Gui Ren paper to pray for blessings and help from Gui Ren.

Treasure Burning: Burn the paper-made-treasure to worship the gods.

Cast moon blocks: to cast two crescent-shaped wooden pieces to undergo the ceremony, and to see whether the future course being contemplated is recommended or not.

Old lady casted moon block which will give you answer "Yes" or "No"

The most popular spot to find villain hitters is on Hennessy Road section, under Canal Road Flyover in Causeway Bay. Interestingly the ladies there have licenses issued by the government. It is not about whether their power is qualified. it is just to prove that they are legal to work there.

One of the best dates to do villain hitting is Jingzhe which usually begins around March 5 In the Gregorian calendar.


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