Hong Kong Style Fried Chicken from a Local Bakery?

Hong Kong people like to eat chicken leg, thigh and drumstick the whole thing together, either deep fried or in soya sauce. It’s common to eat that as afternoon tea with French Fries and iced lemon tea (do I make you hungry?).

In Causeway Bay, there is a shop famous among locals that its deep fried chicken leg Is very scrumptious.The shop "Danish Bakery" was opened in 1971 with almost 50 years of history. It has always been a bakery shop selling bread, egg tarts, sandwiches. Also they sell fast food takeaway such as hamburgers, hotdogs, fried chicken legs, fried chicken wings, french fries etc. Since it is in an area with schools around, it is very busy during tea time when school finishes.

Fried chicken leg from Danish Bakery is very famous among locals, not only they are freshly deep fried, but also they add a "special" seasoning which is "5 Spices Salt" (淮鹽)which is commonly used in Chinese cuisine (same salt served with fried pigeon in Chinese restaurant). The salt adds extra flavour to the fried chicken that you cannot find from other fried chicken brands. It is the unique taste of Hong Kong fried chicken which is not easy to find in Hong Kong anymore.

Also if you want to try some vintage taste of Hong Kong hamburgers, you can go for it also. With mayonnaise and ketchup sauce, that is something you may miss in the good old days.



Danish Bakery 丹麥餅店

G/F, Leishun Court, 106 Leighton Road Causeway Bay.