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HONGKONGUIDE is proud to announce our collaboration with US-based startup website!

HONGKONGUIDE readers enjoy our stories about local culture, food and experience in Hong Kong. is a platform to gather all these local stories and travel experiences around the world.

Not only you can see stories shared by HONGKONGUIDE, but also you can find local stories of New York, Tbilisi, Moscow, Scotland etc. shared by locals as well as travellers.

Moreover, please join us to share your stories around the world! It is as simple as this:

1. Upload photo(s) or paste youtube link

2. Paste the address of the spot you want to share

3&4. Make an attractive title and tell your story

5. Create/ Choose your own guidebook. (like your own playlist in music player)

6. Hit publish!

We can’t wait to see the local stories shared by our readers. Also from now on when you see the icon of Explorety on HONGKONGUIDE, you can click on it and it will bring you to the site!


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