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How to Eat Peking Duck Like a King

Peking Duck is one of the most popular Chinese food worldwide and you can eat that not only in Hong Kong but also in restaurants from China Town. Wrapping the cripsy tasty duck skin is simple and fun. Eaters can customize it with their own preferences. Some may prefer more meat in one bite, some prefer no shallot etc. However do you know how the king and the royal family back in the days ate Peking duck? It was told that they ate like this:

1. Put the wrap on your hand. Spread your fingers and hold it like this.

2. Place duck meat or duck skin between index and middle fingers.

3. Put other ingredients between middle and ring fingers. The duck meat is supposed to be on the left. To tradition Chinese, left is the superior side, since duck meat is the main here.

4. Put the sauce on the meat.

5. Fold the wrap from the left, then from the bottom and from the right. It is like how Chinese people used to wrap stuff. Practical reason is the sauce will be kept safely inside the wrap.

6. Enjoy!

This method was claimed to be from someone who had worked in the palace in Ching dynasty. No matter it is true or not, it is a pretty decent way to eat Peking duck.

Source: Appledaily HK


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