Dai Pai Dong Experience in “Infernal Affairs 2”

”Infernal Affairs” trilogy is one of the classic Hong Kong movies. There are many famous scenes in the series. One of them is the Dai Pai Dong (outdoor food stall) in Infernal Affairs 2

Ngai Wing Hau (by actor Francis Ng) replaces his dad as the triad boss and honours his dad by eating at the Dai Pai Dong where he used to go all the time. Even though the movie was released in 2003, many movie fans still remember this scene and the place still exists. It is Lai Yip Street Cooked Food Bazaar in Kwun Tong.

Ma Kwun Kee is the shop in the movie. Actually there are a few different stalls in this bazaar where you choose. Just like Ngai, you can choose to sit indoor or outdoor, but not a good choice during lunchtime in summer.

The best thing about Dai Pai Dong is they always freshly cook the food right after you order in an open kitchen so you can watch them cooking.

I like to order stir-fry rice noodles with beef when I try a new restaurant, so I ordered it. It was good. You can even ask for chilli sauce which gives extra flavour to the dish.

Dai Pai Dong is always a nice experience and you can even try to talk to people around or the staff. Usually they are friendly (when they are not busy).


Lai Yip Street, Kwun Tong