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Luk Yu Tea House, legendary tea house even the Queen wanted to get a seat 陸羽茶室

Luk Yu Tea House is the famous legendary tea house in Central, Hong Kong. Among locals, it is a fancy dim sum restaurant which is the favourite of many billionaires. To visitors, it is a must-go restaurant.

Luk Yu is famous of their high quality tea, traditional high-end dim sums , Chinese food and fancy interiors. In the old days, the tables on the ground floor were always reserved for their regular millionaire/ billionaire or celebrity customers. Other people could only take the first or second floor.

There is rumour that when the Queen visited in Hong Kong, Hong Kong British government planned to bring her to Luk Yu Tea House to try their local Hong Kong cuisine. However the owner of the restaurant refused the offer because “too much arrangements, too complicated”/ ”our tables have been reserved every day”.

Nowadays Luk Yu Tea House still looks almost the same since its relocation in the 70s. Please check out our latest vlog about this legendary dim sum restaurant and its food. Well, sorry, we couldn’t enter the ground floor. To know why, you will find out the reason from our latest vlog here:


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