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Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong Walkthrough! 香港大富翁夢想世界走一圈!

The world’s first Monopoly-themed attraction - “Monopoly Dreams” has arrived in Hong Kong and we have made a walkthrough video for you!

“Monopoly” is probably one of the most popular board games in the world. “Monopoly Dreams” is located at Victoria Peak, or simply ”The Peak”. Visitors can either take the famous peak tram from Admiralty or Bus No.15 from Central Pier.

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong Classic Race Car Biggest In the world

“Monopoly Dreams” in Hong Kong is 20000 square feet big with different sections and games. Not only they have the largest Monopoly Classic Race Car in the world as display, but also they have different Neon style signs, very Hong Kong style.

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong Neon lights

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong Cash Grab Game

Inside the attraction, the most popular game would probably be the Monopoly Ultimate Banking, where it is actually the caah grab game. Each person has 20 seconds to grab Monopoly Money floating in the air as much as they can. Then they can use the money they grabbed as coupons to buy food and drinks at the snacks bar.

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong Cash Grab Game Money Baum food and snacks

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong Free Souvenir Title Deed

Remember to get your souvenir by scanning your ticket. It is a Title Deed with your own name!

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong Go to Jail

The place you hate the most when you play Monopoly, the Jail. Now it has become the most popular Instagram spot.

In the souvenir shop, there are different special editions of Monopoly board game.

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong

Monopoly Dreams will arrive their next stop at Melbourne, Australia.


(Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong will have their grand opening on 26 October 2019


Shop 301 Level 3, The Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Rd, The Peak


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