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Old local restaurant becomes new Instagram spot in Wan Chai 大發茶餐廳

This is a decades-old “cha chaan tang“ local restaurant which has been renovated recently. The outlook is simple but attractive for photography because of its location.

Inside the restaurant there is no fancy decoration, just iconic Hong Kong red lamp cover and white tables and retro-HK green edges. All these already would give you a retro-but-new look. This is impressive because unlike some other cha chaan tang which are trying to imitate the retro look, this restaurant is in fact an old restaurant. The menu and light sign in front are really some antiques which they have been using.

They have a wide range of food, from normal dishes like fried noodles, fried vegetables and meat, to their specialty Chiu Chow Cuisine. Assorted combination in Chiu Chow Marinade sauce is always a must eat.

大發茶餐廳 潮州菜
Assorted combination in Chiu Chow Marinade sauce (鹵水拼盤)

If you want more Chiu chow cuisine food, you can order oyster congee and oyster pancakes.

Earlier we mentioned that it’s a good Instagram spot because of its location. It’s because the shop is at a quiet area which the dark surroundings gives it special atmosphere, plus there is a small alley next to the shop, where you can take much more photos of the shop. 大發茶餐廳

Dafa Restaurant

6 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai

*Note: shop name appeared on google is “Dim Sum Restaurant”, but indeed there is no dim sum in the shop.


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