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One Bowl of HOT Beef Noodles, Olala 一碗麵

The Chinese name of the restaurant is literally “One Bowl of Noodles” (their official English name is “Olala”). It is a small shop in Star Street area of Wan Chai. It is famous of their Beef noodles with its relatively high price.

When the noodles arrived it was surprisingly hot with steam that brought out the aroma. Soup is delicious which would make me keep drinking it. I love the beef the most because unlike other Taiwanese beef noodles restaurants, the beef here is well marinated but keeps the beef flavour at the same time without over marinating it.

It is a big portion. Don’t forget to try their chilli oil and salted mustard greens. The chilli oil is pretty strong, be careful. You can either eat the mustard green straight or mix it with the soup, or why not both. I always eat so much of them and I wonder what the shop owner would think about me, haha.