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Taste of Shanghainese Breakfast in Hong Kong

We talked about classic Hong Kong breakfast here. Indeed it’s worth to try classic Shanghai Breakfast, in Causeway Bay.

It is not rare to see Shanghainese breakfast in HK, but it’s hard to find a good one. There is an old shop located in Causeway Bay which you can feel like Shanghai.

Classic Shanghainese breakfast choices are: Sticky rice roll, soya milk, fried dough stick, sesame pancake. Sticky rice roll and soya milk are the top sellers. Savory soya milk with a drizzle of soya choice and fried dough stick inside is very good here.

Sticky rice roll is glutinous rice rolled into a ball, stuffed with fried dough stick, pickled vegetables, light and airy pork floss. This pair will make your day.

Not only Shanghai breakfast, you can also enjoy fried dumplings 🥟 or Shanghai noodles (yea the shop’s name is a noodles shop) as lunch or dinner because this shop is like small food stalls you can find in Shanghai.


Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop

G/F, 29 Jardines Bazaar, Causeway Bay


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