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Two hidden awesome places in ifc that they don't want you to know

We introduced the free "Observation" area of Hong Kong Monetary Authority Exhibition in IFC 2 last time. We would like to talk about two spots inside IFC mall which people can enjoy the Victoria Harbour view.

Floor plan of ifc mall

The title of this post says there is something ifc tries to hide.

In their official website and page of floor plan, when you hover your mouse over the shops, the name of the shop will appear to indicate what shop it is

However, when you hover over a green area in Level 3, nothing appears. Just something green.

Same thing happens to the floor plan of the rooftop garden in Level 4. There are just some green circles. No explanation.

So, what are these places?

1. Podium

The first place is the podium at level 3. A public space which you can sit down and enjoy the Harbour view. Also a smoking area.

2. Rooftop garden

The other place is the rooftop garden on level 4. It is an area with bars and restaurants. ​Notice the green circles in the floor plan are tables and seats. They look like they are within the restaurant next to it. In fact it is not part of the restaurant area. Of course you can purchase food or beverage from the restaurants and eat there but it is NOT A MUST.

This area is part of "public space" where people are free to go. You can even bring your own food and drinks and eat there. Just make sure you clear up the table when you leave. Keep Hong Kong Clean!

Above: the view around you in rooftop garden

Well, it is a common practice for the malls to hide the "free services" and encourage people to spend more inside their properties. So please stick with HONGKONGUIDE for more guide like this! Hope that you will have a great time there!