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Virtual Travel Hong Kong While Staying Home

Photo by @jacksontallman

Do you miss Hong Kong and all the great food here? At the moment foreigners may not be able to visit Hong Kong due to the closure of border but you can visit HONGKONGUIDE’s YouTube channel and check out our great videos about Hong Kong!

Dont forget to subscribe to our channel! Hope that our videos can give you some great entertainment while staying at home and also help you prepare for your next visit of Hong Kong. Here are some recommendations of our vlogs: (click the image to go straight to the video)

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong Walkthrough! 香港山頂大富翁主題曲夢想世界走一圈!

Jumbo Soup Dumpling in Hong Kong! 最傳統的灌湯餃 鳳城酒家

Sky Corridor Above West Kowloon Hong Kong 西九龍高鐵站上的天梯!

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10 août 2020

Thanks Leonie! We will work harder!


02 juil. 2020