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Wet Market Indoor & Outdoor Experience in One Street! Bowrington Market, Hong Kong

One of the local experiences when visiting Hong Kong is checking out wet markets. Chris Tucker is the best example. He had a great time in "Rush Hour".

In this 360 VR vlog, our co-founder Alpha brings you to one of the busiest and famous wet markets in Hong Kong Island. He will show you both outdoor market and an indoor market which is a twin tower with a cooked food centre full of hidden great restaurants!

It is always fun to experience the vibe of a wet market. We would suggest you to go buy some fruit from the market so you can enjoy when you head back to your hotel, or you can buy fresh ingredients to have a hotpot if you are staying at Airbnb.

In the video, the restaurant in the Bowrington Market cooked food centre "Wai Kee" is a very unique restaurant because not only it offers Halal food but also Chinese roasted duck! Alpha ordered a delicious mutton curry with rice as his lunch.

It may look ghetto, but it tastes badass

The curry is very aromatic and rich in flavour and the mutton is juicy too. That is why it is busy all the time especially during lunch time on weekdays.

Address: Bowrington Road Cooked Food Centre, Causeway Bay


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