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Farewell 40-year-old Snake House in Causeway Bay

I don’t usually visit shops before they close down permanently.

It is because when those famous old shops have announced they would close down, there would be so many people rushing to the shops to say goodbyes.

Those old shops used to offer great food, great atmosphere and most importantly the staff is friendly like your friends.

However when so many people go there before they close, the place becomes packed, staff becomes too busy to do anything, food is rushed to serve. It is just not right, not what it’s used to be. And the situation will continue until it closes down. You go there to say goodbye to the body, not the soul.

That’s why I rarely visit shops before they close down (Also because I have no patience of waiting).

This time is an exception.

40-year-old restaurant “Se Wong Yee” in Causeway Bay announced in March that they would be closing down at the end of April. This shop is always packed with long queues over the years. Like what I said, I hate to queue up so I never had a chance to try their famous snake soup and Chinese sausages.

Due to Corona Virus outbreak, there are much less people on the streets. I visited the shop before HK government issued the restrictions of 4 people per table. I went there at 5pm which was a good timing, nobody sitting next to me and even the tables around me. Great chance to taste their food and take some photos.

I am a fan of snake soup and is quite picky about it. The one here in Se Wong Yee is clearer than what I usually eat and is less thick. It feels more delicate to me and I love it.

It is reported that the owner may reopen the shop somewhere else in Causeway Bay after the virus threat is gone. So hopefully we will be able to eat their great food very soon in the future.


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