This Indian artist explores Hong Kong through her surreal sketches

HONGKONGUIDE invites you to the exhibition of this talented artist!

Urmila Menon, is a Hong Kong based, Indian artist who uses different mediums and styles to express her creativity. Having worked in the corporate world, she decided to follow her passion in 2015 and delved into art. She is an active member of different art groups in Hong Kong and her vibrant art is regularly featured in local media. It was recently featured in Zanna Art Magazine, UK and The Urban Sketching Handbook, ‘Drawing with a Tablet’. She currently works as an English teacher while still moonlighting as an artist.

Above: Urmila's sketch of Wan Chai. Swipe to the right to see the video of how she did the amazing work.

Urmila's sketches are a surreal glimpse of Hong Kong through her eyes. The way she captures is sensational. When she is out and sees perfect frames, be it a perfect symphony of colours or a perfect cocktail of people in a place, she would capture the moment, feeling and emotion over there through her sketches, just like a photographer, only the medium of expression is different.

Being an urban sketcher has made Urmila more observant and present in her surroundings, which also helps her explore Hong Kong.

The relationship between Urmila and HONGKONGUIDE started when she was sketching a temple full of statues on Quarry Bay Trail and she found it fascinating after discovering the story behind from our site. Since then she always checks out HONGKONGUIDE for inspirations.

A small temple full of statues on Quarry Bay Trail

Urmila has had many exhibitions in Hong Kong showcasing her inspiring art.

This upcoming exhibition is her attempt to showcase her different styles of artwork and her penchant to express her creativity. One of the series is Kennedy town series: when She moved to Hong Kong this neighborhood became her home for two years. These are all moments sketched on location. This lovely neighborhood was her solace through all the ups and downs of being new in a city.