10 things you need to know before visiting Water World by Ocean Park

Water World by Ocean Park has had their Grand Opening on 21 September, 2021. Everyone is excited about this first year-around water park in Asia. However, please take a few minutes before making your act. This article is going to save you from a lot of troubles. Here are what you should know about Water World:

  1. Watch our vlog about Water World - we were one of the earliest people who visited Water World. This video is definitely worth watching.

2. Ticket prices vary every day - at the moment, adult admission ticket prices vary between $320 and $460. Consider it is like hotel prices. Mostly weekends are more expensive than weekdays, but not every weekdays are the same. You should check and book online via their official website.

3. You should book your admission tickets online in advance - due to the situation of COVID-19, the total number of visitors in Water World is limited to around 4000 people every day. It is suggested to book your tickets in advance especially you are planning to visit during weekends or holiday.

4. Bring an extra mask, even when you are doing waterslides - visitors are advised to wear face masks at all times inside Water World besides doing activities and eating. You can bring a washable face mask with you.

5. Lockers are NOT free - the locker is to be rented on daily basis. There are three sizes and the prices are $120, $200, $280. It is suggested to book online to make sure you have locker during your visit. For your reference, two of our HONGKONGUIDE members rented the smallest size of locker and almost couldn't fit two backpacks and shoes of them. Took them some time to close the door...

6. There is fast pass, and they ARE pricey - you can purchase fast pass too, which they call "Splash Pass". An adult Splash Pass can cost almost as much as an admission ticket on a weekday.

7. Avoid cotton t-shirt (Very important!) - some of the slides do not allow cotton shirts.