300-year-old Secret Village in Hong Kong: the Village, the Nature & the Food in Lai Chi Wo

Lai Chi Wo is a 300-year-old Hakka Village in Hong Kong. Please check out our vlog about this beautiful village:

For transportation, no cars can reach the place (and that is the reason why it is so well preserved). Mainly there are two ways: by ferry or by walk. Here are the methods:

By ferry:

  • Only available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  • Only one ferry towards Lai Chi Wo & one ferry back on the day.

  • Ferry departs at 9am from Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier no.3; departs at 3:30pm from Lai Chi Wo Public Pier.

  • Single Trip $50 per person; Round trip $80.

  • Strongly recommend visitors to preorder ferry tickets.

  • First you will need to send a message via whatsapp +85255400002 or call them via 2555-9269 (Ms Lam); or Email: singwaiferry@yahoo.com.hk

Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier:

This is the facebook page of the ferry company (Chinese):


By walking/ hiking:

Find Lai Chi Wo via Google Map:

Take MTR to Tai Po Market station and take Green Minibus 20R or taxi to Wu Kau Tang. Then starting hiking towards Lai Chi Wo. This map should be helpful to you:




  1. Make sure you prepare enough water before you start hiking.

  2. Experienced hikers, it should take 2 hours from Wu Kau Tang to Lai Chi Wo. Therefore if you are first time visitor, it’s suggested to start hiking from 9am.

  3. If you plan to leave Lai Chi Wo by hiking from Lai Chi Wo to Luk Keng Road, it is suggested to leave Lai Chi Wo before 3pm because it may take 3-4 hours for the hike and the roads will be too dark if it’s at night. Also you should refresh yourself at Lai Chi Wo before you leave.

  4. You can take 56K green minibus from Luk Keng to Fanling station.

  5. It is suggested that you should hike with experienced hiker If you’re not familiar with hiking. HONGKONGUIDE do not take any responsibility for any accidents caused.