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9 Dos & Don'ts in Chinese Ghost Festival 九個你在香港過盂蘭(鬼節)要注意的事!

Chinese Halloween, or Ghost Festival (see more here), is on the 15th of the seventh month in Chinese calendar (which is 12 August in 2022). It is believed that ghosts and spirits are freed to go around during the month. Besides tending roadside fires and burning faux money in order to appease the ghosts, there are quite some custom that traditionally the locals should follow in order to avoid getting troubles with the ghosts. Here are some of the custom:

1. Don't look at the the roadside fires

People should not look at the roadside fires. It is because burning faux money means "sending ghosts money to spend in afterlife". The ghosts would approach the fire to grab the money. If people look at the fire, they might draw the attentions from the ghosts and they might follow you...

Above: told you, don't look at fire...

2. Don't stay out late

To avoid meeting new friends and bring them home...

3. Don't whistle at home

Whistle may draw the attention of the ghosts.

4. Don't swim

Water ghosts might drown you so you would become one of them...

5. Don't stay overnight

Ghosts are believed that they tend to attack people who are tired, sick or exhausted, when they are weak.

6. Don't mention the word "ghost"

Because calling them is another way to draw their attentions. Wait what?

7. Don't dress in black or red

Because they are their favourite colours.

On the other hand, the Dos are:

8. Follow the guidelines mentioned above

9. Go home early.

That's what Chinese parents tell their kids.

Source: parents & etnet


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