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A local stationery shop for those who care about their writing instruments

Causeway Bay is famous as a shopping area. When there are shops of luxury brands around, it is hard to imagine such a small shop selling rare writing instruments can survive in the area.

Journalize is a shop about quality. They have sourced fine stationery such as fountain pens, notepads from Germany and Japan, all in affordable prices.

Of course there are also other types of stationery like pencils which are hard to find in other places of Hong Kong. Feel free to talk to the shop owner and tell him what you need or what you like. He may surprise you with some excitement.

Interestingly the shop owner is a passionate 20-something young man and some historic elements can be found in the shop, such as some century-old Victorian ink bottles which you can buy, and also an antique cashier machine as display.

Victorian Ink Bottle from 1900s

Journalize is surely an amazing local shop which is worth to visit and experience in Causeway Bay.

Journalize 文簿具社

Address: Causeway Bay, Moreton Terrace, 6A, G/F