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Dai Pai Dong Noodles in Sham Shui Po!

When people think of Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong now, usually they would think of different aromatic stir-fried dishes freshly made from the open kitchen, and diners would eat on the street with beers at night. Indeed Dai Pai Dong is more than that.

A Dai Pai Dong Cha Chaan Tang in Wan Chai

Dai Pai Dong was very common back in the days last century. It is supposed to be open kitchens which people started on the street when Hong Kong was less developed, plenty of space to use. Therefore not only you could find stir-fried dishes, but also there were stores selling Chinese BBQ food or noodles.

This may look like a beach... but yea this is a Dai Pai Dong in Central

Despite the fading of Dai Pai Dong culture, there is a Dai Pai Dong noodles shop in Sham Shui Po which is popular among the locals. It is called “Cheung Fat”.

The shop pretty much maintains how it looks over the years - open kitchen, outdoor seating. A few years ago they started to have a shop where people can choose to eat indoor, but well, outdoor seating is part of the flavour.

What are their signature food? The sign above tells you about it: handmade fish balls & cuttlefish balls. If you are lucky you will see the people hand making the fish balls at the kitchen (Yes it is open kitchen which means they are making on the street, in front of you).

The chef does have some fashion sense and style

Freshly made cuttlefish balls

Cuttlefish meat pieces in the balls which gives you another layer of texture

There is something else which HONGKONGUIDE would recommend you, which is Beef Stomach. The best thing of it is the sauce making the beef. If you don’t eat beef organs but you want to try the sauce we mention, you can order a fish ball noodles with the sauce. “Ga Lam Jup” (加腩汁, add beef brisket sauce). Adding sauce is free of charge.

Do I make you hungry?

About the noodles, you can pair the fish balls or beef with any noodles you like - egg noodles, flat rice noodles, dried rice noodles. If you want to study Chinese noodles, you can watch our vlog here.

This shop is one of HONGKONGUIDE’s favourite and their egg noodles have always been crispy over the years. A must try.


Cheung Fat Noodles

14 Yiu Tung Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon


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