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Enjoy the beautiful view from double deck buses in Hong Kong

Buses in Hong Kong are mostly double deckers because they are originated from Britain. They are considered as one of the iconic public transportations besides Star Ferry, trams in Hong Kong Island.

Visitors love to go up to the upper deck because it has an interesting view while travelling around the city and that angle is rare to see in other place. Plus there are only 4 seats per bus so you will feel lucky if you can grab one.

When you go up, do not forget to check the first row. They have the best view and in modern bus models the front windows are much bigger than older ones which provides much better view.

Remember to fasten the seatbelt.

It is an experience which both locals and visitors will always enjoy.

Suggested bus routes:

No. 15 between Central Star Ferry Pier and the Peak

No. 6C between Tsim Sha Shui Ferry Pier and Mong Kok


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