Finding Thousand-year-egg Pastry from Chinese Bakery in Sham Shui Po

Pat Sin Bakery (八仙餅家)was established in 1966. Back in the days, many big Chinese restaurants would have a bakery store located in the front. Legendary "Lin Heung Tea House" and century-old vegetarian Chinese restaurant "Tung Fong Siu Kee Yuen" still keep the bakery store tradition until now. There was a Pat Sin Tea House in Cheung Sha Wan in 1966. When it was closed down in 1979, the owner of Pat Sin Bakery wanted to keep the store so they started it as a standalone store and then moved to the current location in Sham Shui Po. That is why the logo of the shop is a tea pot.

The setting of the store is so traditional that you can’t shop within the store. You look from the outside and tell the staff what you want, and how much you want. Then the staff will pick and pack for you. It will be some Lost in Translation moments for some of you who don’t speak the language. However still that’s the fun of exploring.

The top 1 product we recommend is “Thousand-year-egg Pastry”. There is one whole thousand egg inside the pastry covered with lotus seed paste. It is a very unique experience because thousand egg is savoury with a unique taste and it’s covered with sweet lotus seed paste and pastry. You may feel full after eating It.

Another good ones are almond cookies and walnut cookies. They are easily found in other Chinese bakery too.

They have other traditional sweets like banana rolls. However they may be too traditional that they are too sweet comparing to modern desserts.

Pak Sin Bakery 八仙餅家