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Hidden Iron Man Attraction that 99% Visitors DIDN'T know in Disneyland Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Disneyland has the first ever marvel-themed attraction in any Disney park worldwide opened back in 2017. You can say hi and take photos with Iron Man, and also do the Iron Man Experience which is a 3D motion simulator ride. These two attractions were shown on the sign, and also the gift shop. In fact the gift shop has a hidden Iron Man game called “Become Iron Man” which most of the visitors do not realise because it always looks closed, for unknown reason. What you need to do is to find their staff and tell them you want to play the mini Iron Man game and they will let you in.

“Become Iron Man” is an interactive game which you can put on Iron Man suit of armour using motion-sensing technology. The camera will automatically take a photo of you with the suit of armour. Then you can test your flight like Iron Man at the laboratory which looks like the basement of Tony Stark’s mansion in the movie. You can also try the repulsor blast.

After that your Iron Man character will fly out of the building which is the Stark Tower located in Kowloon in the game. Yeah Iron Man is protecting Hong Kong in the story so you will fly to beat the bad guys on the street by shooting the repulsor blast at them.

Basically you will win the game no matter what and it will show the photo of your experience which you can purchase from photo pass app later. So go try that next time when you visit Disneyland.


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