Hong Kong Old Tofu Shops, the food, the drink and the history

Tofu shops in Hong Kong popular among local people and foreigners because they are very easygoing. You enter the shop and they will serve you freshly made food almost instantly. Most important the food they sell are all comfort food: tofu pudding, soya milk, pan fried tofu with fish paste etc, (plus tofu pudding is vegetarian). Also they serve food quick, and people come and go fast so you don’t always need to wait long. That’s why tofu shops are always loved by so many people.

Kung Wo is one of the most famous tofu shops in Hong Kong with over a century history. There are two stores with the same name, one in Sham Shui Po and one in Kowloon City. They were opened by the same owner before but were sold to different people, so nowadays they were owned by two different families.

However due to redevelopment of the area, historical Kung Wo store in Kowloon City would be closed down in 2020 and reopen again later.

Here are the addresses of the old tofu shop which you may be interested in:

Kung Wo

Sham Shui Po, 118 Pei Ho Street

Grandma’s Tofu Pudding

2A Tai Kwong Ln, Tai Po