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Hong Kong’s biggest bus operator launches triple-decker for its fleet

Updated: This is our special for April Fool’s Day

Hong Kong’s largest bus operator is set to roll out a bright, eye-catching new triple-decker for its fleet, replacing the double-deckers.

Unveiling the design via a Facebook live video yesterday, Tommy Fung, the designer of the vehicle, showed viewers a glimpse of the new bus which the design was inspired by the movie "Moulin Rouge!".

Triple-decker designer, Tommy Fung

Whereas the lower and middle-deck has a similar look to the previous generation of double-deckers, the upper-deck has a revamped look, featuring leather seats, self-service mini bar, vending machine selling books, and also a new service - "Buspanion", staff on board who will talk to passengers on their requests.

Interior of the upper-upper-deck

Mini-bar in the bus, Octopus cards accepted

No food is allowed on bus, but brain food is fine.

"Travel time on bus is getting longer and longer, we need to find new ways to keep our passengers enjoy their rides", says Fung, "I want our passengers to stop playing with their phones or checking my instagram profile, and start to enjoy their real lives. Go read a book, buy a drink and talk to our "Buspanion."

(Left two) Buspanion staff and passengers enjoying their first ride of triple-decker in Hong Kong

Fung did not reveal the number of buses to be included in the first batch of deliveries, but he estimated the demand of the triple-deckers will be "extremely high".

"You never know when MTR will collapse again. Why not just hop on our buses and think life isn't so bad at all in Hong Kong" - the company said.

Founded in 1933, KMB has grown to become the city’s largest bus franchise, operating nearly 400 routes with a fleet size of 4,100, and serving 2.61 million passengers daily in mostly Kowloon and the New Territories.

The triple-decker will test on route 215X on the first day of April. For its schedule and locations of stops, passengers can check here.


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