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Hong Kong Style Lemonade in Cha Chaan Tang

Iced lemon tea & milk tea are the iconic cold drinks in Cha Chaan Tang. Actually there is a summer edition of cold drink which is simple and refreshing. That is salted lime lemonade.

The price of salted lime lemonade is usually more expensive than iced tea so it is considered as a “deluxe” iced drinks in cha chaan tang. They usually serve you a cup with ice and salted lime with a can of 7up, seldom with Sprite because the name of the drink in Cantonese is 「鹹檸七」which means “salted lime 7”.

This salted lime lemonade is quite standalone drink which there is no common food that you have to pair it with. You will know how good it is in a hot summer day.

Tips: If you order salted lime lemonade separately, it would cost around HKD$18-26, whereas it may be cheaper if you order food, depending on the restaurants. Also usually they would serve you a whole salted lime so it may be too salty if you squeeze everything for the first cup, reserve some lime juice for the second pour of lemonade.


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