Is it a museum? A palace? It is a herbal tea store in Hong Kong selling turtle jelly!

Kung Wo Tong claims themselves to be the first brand of shop selling turtle jelly in Hong Kong since 1904. The ancestor of the shop owner was a Royal Doctor to the Royal Family of Ching Dynasty and it is believed that he invented turtle jelly, an advanced health product at that time.

That’s why Kung Wo Tong’s store in Mong Kok has the interior design which resembles Chinese palace in the Forbidden City. Also the portrait of the founder (the Royal Doctor) was displayed in the store.

You can add maple syrup to the turtle jelly if you find it too bitter. Also you can order “Tea Leaf Egg” which is available in most of the herbal tea shops in Hong Kong. The one I had wasn’t marinated enough, kind of disappointing.