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‘My Hong Kong, My Way’ TV series Ep.3 - Malaysian Model Venice Min

Co-produced by HONGKONGUIDE, the Hong Kong Tourism Board is set to release its latest TV programme, My Hong Kong, My Way, the third episode on April 3 on the Asia Entertainment Channel in Malaysia at 5:30pm.

This episode features glamorous Malaysian model Venice Min (see her IG here.) as Michelle Loo's guest.

Female viewers should find this episode perfect because Michelle brings Venice to find the hottest Instagram spots in Hong Kong with self-driving car, shopping modern Chinese clothings “Qipao”, DIY handmade handbag workshop, “east meets west” fine-dining experience and also learning how to be a beautiful Cantonese opera actress!

For male viewers, this episode is also perfect for you too because it will save you lots of time from doing research about where to bring your date!

If you are a viewer in Malaysia, make sure you won't miss out this great show! (and also because it was co-produced by HONGKONGUIDE, LOL)

My Hong Kong, My Way

3nd Episode

Astro AEC Channel

3 April, 2021

On-demand available



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