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Photo of Hong Kong wins Apple's Shot on iPhone Challenge

IG: @justphotons

Apple Inc. launched a "Shot on iPhone Challenge" recently and photographers around the world had joined this challenge with photos taken from different parts of the world. Apple Inc. just announced the top 10 winners. One of the winning shots was taken in Hong Kong by American photographer Alex Jiang.

The photo was taken in Choi Hung Estate in Kowloon, a public estate. "Choi Hung" means rainbow in Chinese and that is why the apartment in the photo is in rainbow pattern. The estate is a famous and popular Instagram spot in Hong Kong.

These are what the judges of the competition said about the photo:

Chen Man says: “This is a photo filled with lovely color and sense of story in the composition..."

Annet de Graaf says: “The narrative in architecture. There is actually life behind the surface of an average apartment building... Vivid colors and a perfect composition with the basketball board right in the middle! Great eye.”

HONGKONGUIDE congratulate Alex for winning this challenge. For readers who would like to check out the other winning shots, please click here.


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