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Snake Feast in Hong Kong, Shia Wong Fun

When autumn has come, Hong Kong people think about eating snake..

It is because snake would look for more food before entering hibernation (or scientists would say hibernacula), so Chinese people believe that is its most nutritious state (aka most meaty) of the year.

Decades ago, snake wasn’t a type of rare food in Hong Kong, but as time goes by, it is not as popular before.

Shia Wong Hip is one of the most famous snake restaurants in Hong Kong. The most popular food of a snake restaurant are snake soup (thick one) and fried-sticky-rice.

Snake soup is delicious because it is a meat soup made of at least five different types of snake meats, pork and chicken, but don't forget you can add three things which can make it more delicious: lemongrass, white pepper and crispy wonton skin. You will love it.

If you are going with your friends, you can try other dishes too such as deep-fried snake meats.

Most of the snake restaurants are multi-generations business which are very traditional. Therefore you will find different herbal wines such as this:

Even not many locals can take it, but well, it has history. Just try the snake soup.

Shia Wong Hip

170 Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po


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