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Surprise from a Random Village

This is salt-baked chicken with rice which you can find it from many places in Hong Kong, but this one was surprisingly good.

The restaurant serving this chicken is located at a small village in Sheung Shui called Hang Tau Village serving people around the area, definitely not supposed to be a tourist spot.

I was expecting it was just a meal to fill my stomach, but it surprised me. It’s because of the most simple thing - the chicken meat itself. It’s so fresh that it’s tender and aromatic. It was so good that I had to ask the ladies what chicken they used. “Well, I don’t know, it’s from the market, maybe from the chicken farm around.” The lady looked at me and thought I never ate chicken.

Oh my... it’s so good. The salt-bake spice did the job well. This dish was just perfect.

The village is just an ordinary New Territories village. 10min taxi ride from Sheung Shui station. Make sure you respect the neighbourhood because not all villages are friendly to outsiders.

Not village dogs are friendly like this one. Stay alert.
Interesting architect

You can always find something photogenic in a village like this

Be polite and respectful when you are in the village

Damn, I miss the chicken so much, gotta go again.

Hang Tau Village