Tasty Pig Innards Shop

To some people, eating pig organs may sound horrible. For some people in Hong Kong, they are delicacy.

Pig innards are nothing new in Chinese cuisine, you can find them in dim sum, in soup or noodles. This shop in Wan Chai is famous of its tasty pig innards in noodles soup. The name of the shop is called Yuen Long Hop Lun but it is located in Wan Chai (and North Point). The shop name has “Yuen Long” because the owner’s father used to have a cha chaan tang in Yuen Long back in the days.

So what kinds of pig innards can you choose? Pig heart, lung, intestine, liver, ear, tongue, cheek etc. You can choose to eat specific types (which also means NOT to eat certain types), or All-types of innards in the same bowl. You can choose to eat innards only or with different noodles.

Chrysanthemum tea is very good pairing with the soup

If you have never tried pig innards you don’t need to worry too much when trying here. The innards are very well cooked so they all taste soft and tendered. There is one important thing: do not forget to try the soup! It tastes awesome!

Pig innards are their specialty but it doesn’t mean they are the only good food sold in the shop. They have fish balls, fish dumplings which you can choose for your bowl of noodles and also snacks like fish skin, iced cuttlefish head. Interesting enough to you?


Yuen Long Hop Lun Noodles 元朗合隆潮州粉麵

Shop A, G/F, 3 Tak Yan St, Wan Chai