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The 60+ year-old HK Milk Tea Pioneer Lan Fong Yuen

When people think of Hong Kong style Milk tea, they would think of Lan Fong Yuen in Central. It is because they are one of the pioneers who used sackcloth bag to filter the tea leaves to make milk tea in Hong Kong.

Lan Fong Yuen "Dai Pai Dong", famous instagram spot

60 years ago, Lan Fong Yuen started as a "Dai Pai Dong" which was an outdoor food stall offering cheap food to locals. In the late 20th century, the Hong Kong government decided to restrict the operation and license of dai pai dong in order to remove them from public streets.Now there are less than 30 Dai Pai Dong left in Hong Kong which makes the outdoor kitchen of Lan Fong Yuen valuable and iconic.

So when you visit Lan Fong Yuen, we would recommend breakfast or afternoon tea time (that means avoid lunch time) because you can avoid crowds during peak hours. Hong Kong style milk tea, coffee or coffee with tea is a must, and also you can enjoy their toast or crispy bun with sweet condensed milk.


2 Gage St, Central


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