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The giant inflatable rubber duck is back to Hong Kong after 10 years!

After its first visit to Hong Kong in 2013, Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman’s giant Rubber Duck Project will be returning to the city this June, and it is bringing a new friend.

The Rubber Duck Project involves a 16.5-metre tall inflatable Rubber Ducks that travel around the world to use each location’s water as its own personal bathtub.The global tour with the Rubber Ducks which began in 2007, have visited cities including Amsterdam, Baku, Lommel, Osaka, Sydney, São Paulo, and Hong Kong.

On 25th May, two giant rubber ducks were seen doing sea trail in Tsing Yi. It is believed that the two adorable rubber ducks will be displayed in Victoria Harbour in 10th June and will attract lots of visitors.

It is told that the giant rubber ducks will be deployed for at least two weeks, although one of them was deflated on the second day due to hot weather for safety reason. It was back after prompt repair on the fourth day. Our HONGKONGUIDE co-founder visited the giant rubber duck duo and also brought a new friend for them!

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