Things to know about getting a good massage

Above: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in movie "Rush Hour 2". It does not depict the actual situation of common massage shops in Hong Kong, especially the sexy ladies. You will be disappointed if you expect that.

Massage is a great travel experience

I like to bring my friend for foot massage when they visit Hong Kong: it is relaxing, it's local, it is cool and comfortable, and it’s cheap comparing to many countries. Also it’s fun when seeing friends’ reactions if it’s their first time getting massage.

Here is something you need to know before going for a refreshing moment. 


In many hotels they provide massage or spa services but they are relatively pricier than local massage shops. Walk around the area of your hotel. Some massage shops are opened around hotels.

Types and time

For massage beginners, the most common massages people get are foot massage and body massage. Unless the shop says one set of service as 60 minutes specifically, most of the shops count one set (or "one part" as they address) of service as 50 minutes.

Price of foot massage in local shops: around HKD$148-198 per set.

Price of body massage in local shops: around HKD$168-248 per set. 


  • You can tell the shop whether you prefer masseuse or masseur, which means male or female therapist.

  • You can always tell the masseuse/ masseur whether you want to press harder or softer. Don't feel shy to tell them.

  • Which massage place is good? You can’t tell unless you try it yourself. Big shops are not guaranteed to be good but the environment is usually better.

  • I would recommend at least 1.5 sets of body massage. Imagine they will massage your shoulders, back, legs, arms. Only 50 minutes may not be enough.

Tips. Most of them receive tips (nobody would say no to tips actually). So why not if you had a good time!