What’s Good About Stanley?

Stanley, a coastal town located at the southern part of Hong Kong Island. It is one of the oldest town in Hong Kong Island and has been promoted as a tourist attraction decades ago.

Because of its location, Stanley is not as popular as other tourist spots in urban areas like The Peak or Tsim Sha Tsui. Therefore people always wonder if it is worth the travel to go there. Here is our guide:

Stanley Main Street

There are bars and restaurants on Stanley Main Street which are facing Stanley Bay, great and relaxing ocean view to enjoy.

Stanley Market

Stanley Market is one of the most famous attractions here. Many of them are souvenir shops and the people running the shops are relatively more friendly than those from other markets.

Murray House

Murray House is a Victoria-era building and was located in Central as a Barracks for British Army since 1850s. It was relocated to Stanley in 2000s and is now the icon of Stanley. However what you can find inside now is the Swedish fashion label H&M and a Spanish restaurant where people can enjoy nice food and nice ocean view. If neither of them interest you, the building can be a famous Instagram spot for you.

Stanley Ma Hang Park

Behind Murray House there is a small entrance of Ma Hang Park. The highlights are the ancient Pak Tai Temple and ancient well.

Above: A sign says (from left to right) Thousand-year Ancient Well, Pak Tai Ancient Temple.

Above: ancient temple, ancient tree and ancient well, full of history

Above: if the ancient well does not impress you, the rock next to it should. It is a good photo spot.

Above: There is a Sea Breeze Patio which is a small beach. It is quite private that you can stay there enjoy sea breeze alone.

Note: The Hill Top Plaza does not provide good ocean view because the trees block the view.

Above: the trees in front of the Hill Top Plaza are a bit too tall... they block the view.

Stanley Main Beach

Stanley Main beach is famously popular. The beaches in the southern part of Hong Kong Island such as Repulse Bay are all good anyway.

Stanley Plaza

Stanley Plaza is more like a local plaza serving residents in Stanley. They have McDonald's, Starbucks a few shops and a supermarket where you can grab a quick bite if necessary.