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When a “Private Kitchen” cooks you Hong Kong Street food

This restaurant is like this: a restaurant on the ground floor; runs by the owner and his wife; full of toys of Japanese animation; serves lunch time only; located at the busy area in Wan Chai; serving street food as a meal.

What I had were: beef offals congee, fried rice rolls with egg 🥚 , beef offals Tom Yum noodles 🍜 , Curry 🍛 with beef offals, Chinese dessert soup 🥣 .

Don’t get it wrong. This is not a beef offals specialty shop. It is just they do beef right 😆. They have duck 🦆 or pork 🐷 dish which are good too.

When I asked the owner Hung Gor how they designed the menu, he said “I put all my favourites in the menu”. That explains and that’s why I call it a “private kitchen”. Plus the owner cooks the food by order. Therefore make sure you are patient enough to wait when you are visiting there. It’s a small kitchen 😉.


Hung Kee

Shop B2, 6 Heard Street, Wanchai

Note: when Hung Gor and his wife are too tired after a busy day, they may close the shop for a day to take a break. So make sure you check their Instagram before you go.



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