When Andy Warhol was a tourist in Hong Kong

This year marks the 40 th anniversary of iconic artist Andy Warhol’s first and only visit to Hong Kong. There is a small exhibition in LANDMARK, Central, in association with renowned photographer Christopher Makos.

During the 1970s, the New York-based photographer and Warhol became close friends. On 27 th October 1982, Warhol and Makos arrived in Hong Kong on a trip later known to be the Warhol’s first and only visit to the city. As one of his travel companions, Makos documented the journey using his camera, preserving fragments of memories from their tour. Comprising a total of 11 sets of never-before-seen imagery, each set will include an original black-and-white photograph as well as a duo-tone filtered print that Makos created exclusively for this exhibition. Visitors will be guided on an unexpected visual journey that follows Makos and Warhol’s footsteps through the city, including visits in Wong Tai Sin Temple and Star Ferry.

In this epic collaboration with Christopher Makos, a variety of images are showcased on display above the fountain at the LANDMARK ATRIUM. The visual journey continues on the second floor of LANDMARK ATRIUM for the exhibition of photographs under the first theme, Andy Loves HK. From now to 12th September, WARHOL MAKOS: ANDY LOVES HK installation is at the LANDMARK ATRIUM, whilst the photo exhibition is on preview on the LANDMARK ATRIUM second floor until 18th September.