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Top Lantern Markets to Visit in Hong Kong During Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-autumn festival is all about full moon, mooncakes & lantern. In this video I am going to introduce two of the most popular places to buy lanterns for yourself and your kids. Let’s go!

Tai Ku Market is in far north of Hong Kong in Yuen Long. It is a typical wet market building run by the government where you can find live chicken, meat, seafood, vegetables and all kinds of ingredients. Just go to the dry produce section and find the crowd, and that is the place you should go. It is a popular instagram spot where people would squeeze to take photos because they have shops which sell all kinds of traditional handmade Chinese lanterns.

It is so popular because you will be covered by all kinds of traditional lanterns. If you find anything you are interested, feel free to ask the owners to show it to you. Not only they have traditional ones but also modern designs like whales, airplanes etc. They are all made by lantern masters with decades of experience. Do expect the area would be super crowded if you go during weekend before mid-autumn festival. Or it would be better if you visit the place during weekdays. My kid couldn’t find something he likes so we moved to another area.

Please check out our latest vlog for the details:

Tai Kiu Market, Yuen Long

Sham Shui Po, Fuk Wing Street


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