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Why is rabbit the mascot of Mid-autumn Festival?

The jade rabbit is the main character in one of the famous Chinese Mid-Autumn stories.

Once upon a time, there were three animals living in a forest: a fox, a rabbit, and a monkey.

Three immortals, pretending to be old beggars, went through the forest asking for food. The fox and the monkey quickly offered them food.

The rabbit, who had no food but very pious, felt guilty. She said, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t offer any food to help you, but I can give myself,” and jumped into the fire.

The three immortals were moved by the rabbit’s sacrifice, and decided to make the rabbit an immortal, sending her to live in the Moon Palace with Goddess Chang E.

Therefore nowadays when Chinese people decorate Mid-Autumn Festival, they would use rabbit as one of the decorations.


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