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Why this Olive is legendary & full of Hong Kong people’s memory

This is olive marinated with salt and herbs. Hong Kong people call it “Aeroplane Olive” because it Is related to how it was sold. As seen in this video:

Since 1950s, the gentleman who used to sell this would walk around Hong Kong and sang his song notifying people he was around. When people wanted to buy it they would throw down money from the window or balcony. It’s because back in the days most of the apartments were only a few storeys high, so the gentleman was able to throw the pack of olives like throwing paper plane and he was very accurate. That’s why it was named “Aeroplane Olive” and it was very famous and popular between 1950-1970s.

The Olive has a very unique taste because of its secret recipe. It has a very special herbal and minty taste so it’s very refreshing.

As time goes by, the apartments became taller and the gentleman was getting older. Since 1990s he started to sell the Olives on the street. Unfortunately he passed away in 2013 and his old wife continued making them. Now she is too old that the Olive was sold at a shop in Kowloon City. As seen in the shop the big Olive case was the signature which the old man used to carry around. It’s only $10 per pack with 4 pieces. Go try the vintage taste that old Hong Kongers love.


65 Hau Wong Rd, Kowloon City


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